About Us

Aero Vista

Our team consists of a group of highly-trained, creative specialists who have been pursuing the cutting edge in the IFE market for over 15 years. Aero Vista has provided entertainment content based on an international selection of high-quality, award-winning movies and short features dedicated to exploring current events, sports, lifestyle and culture. In addition, AVE has developed the technological prowess to provide the industry's most innovative products. By combining our product offerings with a wide array of highly-specialized technical services, and effectively leveraging our expertise within each step of the IFE supply chain process, AVE has created the ideas and products that have provided some of the airline industry's leaders, and their passengers, with the full spectrum of preeminent entertainment services in In-Flight Entertainment.

AVE's Expertise Consists of the following ...

  • - Movies: Hollywood, Korean and International
  • - Short Features: Documentary, Music, Sports, Life & Style, Kids and etc.
  • - Korean Content : Korean Movies, Korean Dramas and Shows.
  • - Metadata: SDS, DCMS, MMA on VOD
  • - Technical Services: Encoding, Duplication, Editing, Dubbing & Subtitling, Quality Control
  • - Media Sales: Commercial Video, In-Flight Magazine, Ambient Media